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January 27, 2019

Updated information on the following page:

McCloud River Lumber Company- Advertising Postcards

Maintenance/Material/Work Flatcars

Oil/Fuel Service Tank Cars

Passenger Equipment

Shasta Sunset Dinner Train Equipment

All Door Boxcars


Fire Cars

January 4, 2019

New Pages:

Changed Front Page Photo

The long-neglected Customers section has finally been completed. New pages are:

McCloud Customers- Mount Shasta Sawmill

McCloud Customers- McCloud Gas and Other Petrolium Shippers

McCloud Customers- Elkins Cedar Mill

McCloud Customers- Pondosa Mill

McCloud Customers- Lorenz Mill

McCloud Customers- Agricultural & Livestock Shippers

McCloud Customers- Other Shippers

McCloud River Lumber Company- Advertising

McCloud River Lumber Company- Advertising Postcards

McCloud River Lumber Company- Advertising

Specify Shevlin Pine Booklet

Updated information on the following page:

Pit River Railroad -Update to locomotive roster to reflect a newly revealed locomotive.

Ahnapee & Western Railroad

Side Dump Hoppers #1859 and #1860

McCloud River Lumber Company main page

McCloud River Lumber Company- Sawmill Pictures

McCloud River Lumber Company- Railroad Operations

McCloud River Lumber Company- McGiffert Loaders

McCloud Customers-McCloud Mill

McCloud Customers-McCloud Warehouse

McCloud Customers-Scott Lumber Company & Successors

McCloud Customers-Diatomaceous Earth Shippers

#37 Arrives in South Dakota

October 9, 2018

In early 2003 a desire to chronicle the history of railroading in McCloud, California, prompted me to start the McCloud Rails site on Trainweb. In 2005, Craig Nolan launched a site of his own at this domain. Our two sites coexisted for many years. Recently, Craig decided to move on to other pursuits, and he offered the domain name to me. I decided to move McCloud Rails over to this domain, which has become effective today.

I've reset the Updates sections to reflect only changes made to the site after this date. The old McCloud Rails site will stay up, but all future updates and improvements will be done on this site for as long as I decide to keep the domain active.