McCloud River Railroad Company
Locomotive #27

Alco 2-8-2
Built- 1917
c/n- 57291
Drivers- 48"
Cylinders- 20x28
Weight- 195,000 lbs.
Boiler pressure- 180 lbs.
Tractive effort- 35,700 lbs.

The #27 on the McCloud turntable shortly after arriving from Alaska. The railroad has applied the new number but has yet to letter the locomotive. T.E. Glover collection.

Another shot of the newly arrived #27, perhaps taken at the same time as the above image. Photograph courtesy of Heritage Junction Museum of McCloud, Inc.

Another shot of newly arrived #27 with a leased Western Pacific caboose in McCloud. Photo from the Travis Berryman collection.

The #27 resting between assignments in McCloud.

The #27 rolling onto the turntable later in its career.

The #27 rolling a westbound freight from Lookout through Car A in 1948, about a year after recieving the Vanderbuilt tender.

The #27 on the roundhouse lead on 17 July 1950.

The #27 switching in the McCloud yards on 26 April 1951.

The #27 sitting on the ready tracks in front of the McCloud roundhouse, which is just visible in the background. George Landrock collection.

A rare color shot of the #27 in McCloud. T.E. Glover collection.