McCloud River Lumber Company:
Log Train Photographs

Locomotive #10 with a log train on the trestle just east of Bartle shortly after its arrival in 1901. Jeff Moore collection.

One of the Shays switching log cars in a camp. Heritage Junction Museum.

Empty log flats as seen from a locomotive on the way to the landing. Jeff Moore collection.

A couple loggers at work loading cars at a landing. The man standing on top of the log load is holding a scaling stick used to estimate the board feet contained in each log. Roland Edwards collection, courtesy Marilyn Rountree.

#14, #20, and #21 with a log train somewhere in the woods. T.E. Glover collection.

#23, #22, and caboose #025 at work in the woods outside of Pondosa. Jeff Moore collection.

Below are a sequence of photos of a log train behind the #21 and #23 out of Pondosa and then spotting its cars in the Pondosa yard. Jeff Moore collection.

The #24 at a landing in the White Horse tract. Roland Edwards collection, courtesy Marilyn Rountree.

Two pictures of the #25 pulling the last train off of a soon to be abandoned log spur somewhere in the White Horse tract, as seen from the power of a Lookout job. T.E. Glover collection.

A double headed log train somewhere out of Pondosa as seen from the tender of the first locomotive. T.E. Glover collection.