McCloud River Railroad
Equipment Roster
Caboose #025

GN #X378 in McCloud, shortly after the McCloud River purchased the car but before it could be repainted. From the T.E. "Eddie" Glover collection.

The #025 in its second phase of life, with the old four wheel caboose body. Caboose was painted red at this time. Pondosa, CA. Courtesy of Brett Gibson.

#025 after the new GN-style body had been fabricated. Note that a closet is present on the end of the car. Pondosa, CA. Courtesy of Dennis Sullivan.

Another view of #025 in Pondosa, this time in June 1950. Jeff Moore collection.

By the mid-1960s, the #025 wore the darker orange paint applied to the two wide vision cabooses purchased new in 1962. Note that the closet is now missing. January 1973 Railroad Modeler, from the Glen Comstock collection.

A partial view of the #025 in the red paint in 1964. Jeff Moore collection.

The #025 received a red paint job following its arrival on the Yreka Western in the mid-1960's. This photo from the dawn of the 1980s finds the caboose sitting in the yard at Yreka, CA. Jimmy Bryant photo, courtesy of Nevada Historical Society.

Another shot of the #025 at Yreka, CA, circa 1990. Photo by Anna Moore.

The #025 did not see much service after arriving in Yreka, and although painted for its new owner it was never assigned a number and was rarely used. However, new owners took over the YW in 1999, and shortly afterwards the caboose was re-painted, numbered YW #001, and was named the City of Yreka. The caboose was then added to the YW's excursion train. Photo by and courtesy of Bill Killion.

By the end of 2007 the caboose really started showing its age, which prompted the Yreka Western to rebuild the car in their Yreka shops over the winter of 2007/2008. The work involved stripping the open end of the caboose down to the frame, with steel beams inserted in place of the end beam and under the floor of the porch. The company next installed new deck constructed of 2x6 tongue & groove flooring. The YW could not find a ready supply of V-groove siding, which forced them to use plywood in the rebuild of the short walls around the porch area. This photo shows the caboose on 12 July 2008, immediately after its first run after emerging from the shops. The railroad still had to install a railing across the top of the new sides, apply a couple additional coats of new paint, and lettering. Photo by and courtesy of Larry Tuttle.

The #025 on the Wallowa-Union Railroad in Elgin, Oregon, in August 2019.

Another view of the #025 in Elgin in August 2019.