McCloud River Railroad : Passenger Operations: Excursion Photos

Steam Locomotive #25:
Summer 1964

The year 1964 was the real breakout year for McCloud River excursions. The year saw several firsts, including the first attempt at regularly scheduled passenger excursions (the Mt. Shasta Alpine Scenic Railroad, which only lasted part of the year) and the first of what would become a staple of the railfan calendar for many years, the joint Northern California Railroad Club and Pacific Locomotive Association June party trip that also included Dunsmuir Railroad Days festivities and a second trip on the Yreka Western in some years. This first trip only covered the McCloud to Signal Butte and then to Pondosa, but the 1965 and subsequent year events operated to Burney and usually included a bus trip to McArthur Burney Falls State Park. The first trip of the summer of 1964, however, was another Shasta Wonderland trip detailed on another page in this section, but the air pump problems that cropped up on the first winter trip back in January had not yet been fixed, which relgated the #25 to a cosmetic role only, much to the disgust of the railfans and some of the railroaders in attendance. The reaction prompted the railroad to repair the air pump in time for the party trip held a month later.

The increasing operations prompted the railroad to convert another work flatcar to passenger service and lease several passenger cars for the season, including one or two 60-foot "Harriman" commuter coaches from the Southern Pacific and an observation car from the Western Pacific for the summer months. The railroad sent the cars back to the lessors at the end of the year.

The #25 in the McCloud yard in 1964.

#25 taking water at Bartle on the 1964 party trip.

Another shot of the #25 on the 1964 party trip, this time on the Bear Creek trestle.

The #25 departing Mt. Shasta on 5 September 1964. Bob Tannert photo.

The leased WP observation car #653 bringing up the rear of a passenger train, again in Mt. Shasta on 5 September 1964.

Loading passengers in Mt. Shasta City.

#25 taking water at Hooper.

A postcard view of the #25 from around 1965.

#25 pulling away from the depot after an excursion.