McCloud River Railroad Models:

2nd Run Rivarossi Heisler and Skeleton Log Cars

As noted in another page in this section, Rivarossi has been producing HO scale models of Heisler geared locomotives off and on since 1974. In 2002 the company offered models painted as McCloud River #3 in its newly updated version, along with skeleton log cars. In the summer of 2023 the company released a second run of models painted as the MR 3, and the operator of this website recently obtained one.

The model overall is the same basic version as the 2002 run and as such has the same oversize problems as compared to the "real" MR #3. The biggest difference is in the paint job, which is all black with some red trim, and the lettering, which spells the company name out as was more typical of McCloud equipment of that era while the earlier run carried only initials, which did not become standard practice on McCloud locomotives until long after the #3 left the property. The 2023 offerings are available in DC and DCC with Sound varieties.

As with the first run, the Heislers and log flats are really nice models, but are not really accurate or representative of anything McCloud actually owned.

The Heisler

The model comes out of the box equipped with modern visored electrical headlights, a coal bunker, and a diamond smokestack. A parts bag inside the box contains an oil bunker that can be swapped out for the coal bunker, a straight stack, and a couple other small loose parts. I took these photos after I had replaced the visored headlights with older style headlights from another Rivarossi Heisler, otherwise this is the model as it comes out of the box.

A second view of the second run Heisler.

Rear three-quarter view of the model showing the coal bunker. The real #3 burned wood during its service life on the railroad, I plan to one day retrofit this model to represent that.

Broadside view of the fireman's side.

Broadside view of the engineer's side.

Skeleton Log Cars

As noted, Rivarossi produced two 2-packs of skeleton log cars to go with the new run of Heislers. I have not yet purchased models of these runs, so these from the Hornsby/Rivarossi website will have to do. These are of the cars numbered 1205 and 1207.

The pictures of the 1202 and 1204 two pack.