McCloud River Railroad Company
McCloud Railway Company
Locomotive #37

Built- 1969
c/n- 34881
Horsepower- 2000

The #37 shortly after it arrived on the railroad. George Landrock collection.

#37 under the sanding tower. George Landrock collection.

#37 leading the #38. Itel photograph, courtesy of Travis Berryman.

#37 out in front of the shop. Photo is by and courtesy of George Landrock.

#37 switching ballast hoppers in the McCloud yard. Photo by and courtesy of George Landrock.

#37 leading a train returning from Burney through Curtis on 12 May 1971. T.E. Glover collection.

#37 underneath the sand tower in July 1981. Keith Ardinger photo.

#37 behind the McCloud depot getting ready to help the #25 with an excursion in July 1985.

#37 underneath the sanding tower. Pat Driscoll photo.

Another shot of the #38 under the sanding tower. Pat Driscoll photo.

The #37 in McCloud on 21 June 1987. Frank Ferguson photo.

The #37 in Salt Lake City on 22 May 1988 while leased to Union Pacific. G. Pekkanen photo.

The #37 again while leased to another railroad, this time on the Burlington NOrthern in Klamath Falls, Oregon, on 4 June 1990. Keith E. Ardinger photo.

#37 switching the Dicalite reload circa 1989.

#37 powering a short freight bound for the Southern Pacific interchange through Pierce. The car behind the locomotive is destined for the Roseburg mill in Weed. Pat Driscoll photo.

#37 shortly after being repainted by the McCloud Railway again preparing to help the #25 with a passenger excursion, but this time in May 1998.

#37 on the shop lead on 9 March 2001. Keith E. Ardinger photo.

#37 leading a three car Lookout job east through Hambone. Roger Titus photo.

#37 spotted on the interchange track in Mt. Shasta City in October 2016, heading for South Dakota. Jeff Moore.

Dakota Southern #37 in Chamberlain, South Dakota. Tom Hatfield.

The former McCloud #37, now lettered for the St. Maries River, on its way to the railroad. Ted Curphy photo.