McCloud River Railroad Company
Locomotive #17:2

Baldwin 2-8-2
Built- 2/1916
c/n- 42912
Drivers- 48"
Cylinders- 20.5x28
Weight- 179,700 lbs.
Boiler pressure- 180 lbs.
Tractive effort- 35,700 lbs.

The future McCloud River #17:2 spent its first twenty-five years hauling rock on Pacific Portland Cement's seven-mile long "Mountain Quarries Railroad", based out Flint, near Auburn, California. PPC shut the railroad down in the middle months of 1941, and McCloud purchased the locomotive through dealer Hyman Michaels. McCloud really wanted to install a superheater and other moderniazations, but the high cost of similar work done to the #16:2 and the limited remaining life of steam power discouraged the management from making the investments.

The future McCloud River #17:2 as Pacific Portland Cement #2 at Flint, California.

The #17:2 easing onto the McCloud turntable as seen in a negative dated 28 June 1943. The first tender swap with the #18 has already taken place, and it is seen here mated to the tender originally from the 16:2.

Locomotive #17 in the McCloud yards, still carrying the tender from the #16:2. George Landrock collection.

#17:2 with #14's tender in the McCloud yard. Note the generator has been replaced and moved from the top of the smokebox to just in front of the cab. Guy L. Dunscomb photo.

The #17:2 easing out onto the turntable on 8 September 1947.

Another shot of the #17:2 with #14's tender powering a freight somewhere on the line.

The #17:2 passing through Pittsburg, CA, on 27 December 1949 on its way to scrap. It's again mated to the tender from the #16:1, but the reswap of the tenders with the #14 is not recorded in company records.