McCloud River Railroad Models:

Ahnapee & Western Models

Train-Miniature had a successful period of manufacturing model railroad equipment from the late 1960s until the company sold its assetts to Walthers in the early 1980s. One of the company's products during that time period was a wooden ice bunker refrigerator car painted for the Ahnapee & Western. The A&W had several cars of this type early in its history, long before it became part of the McCloud River, but it's a neat model.

The Train-Miniature A&W refrigerator car.

Incentive Per Diem Boxcars

Until recently the only other commercially available car painted for the Ahnapee & Western beyond the refrigerator car was a run of HO scale Athearn single door boxcars the Bev-Bel Corporation had done probably sometime in the 1980s. Bev-Bel had been in business since 1956 and specialized in producing models of rare or obscure cars, plus some other thematic cars. The Bev-Bel cars are basically correct for the 100 cars in AHW's 2000-2099 series. In recent years Fox Valley Models has released a N scale 50-foot, double door boxcar lettered for the AHW and in at least two road numbers that are correct for the road's 4000-4099 series. Athearn in one of their recent runs of HO scale 50-foot double door boxcars included several lettered for the Hartford & Slocomb, which would be relatively easy to convert to AHW cars.

Bev-Bel's model of an AHW incentive per diem boxcar.