Along The Line:
Ditch Creek

#22 and #24 pulling up to the lumber company's water tank at Ditch Creek on 7 September 1954. John Monhoff photo.

Another view of the #22 and #24 departing Ditch Creek for the woods while a diesel powered freight sits on the new main line. John Monhoff photo.

The McCloud River Rattler of 1963 at Ditch Creek on its return trip to McCloud. The excursion is on the line the railroad built beyond this point in 1954-1955, while the two tracks in the foreground are the continuation of the lumber company's Spur 400 main line that continued many miles to the east as its maximum extent. By 1955 the spur only extended a short ways into the woods to the site of a truck to railcar reload; the last logs the McCloud River Railroad hauled after U.S. Plywood shifted all log hauling to trucks came out of this spur. C.G. Heimerdinger Jr. photo, Jeff Moore collection.

Ditch Creek in 1982. The equipment transport flat is spotted on the spur. John A. Dixon photo, Jeff Moore collection.

#37 leading a Burney bound train past the spur in June 2006. Travis Berryman photo.

Ditch Creek in June 2006. Jeff Moore.