McCloud River Railroad Company
Locomotive #35

Baldwin DRS-6-6-1500
Built- 1949
c/n- 74261
Horsepower- 1500

Baldwin quit building locomotives in 1956, and by the middle of the following decade Baldwin parts had started becoming harder to find and increasingly expensive. McCloud located and purchased its last two Baldwin diesels probably to provide backup power in case any of the other locomotives became unavailable for an extended period of time. It's unkonwn if the railroad contemplated adding multiple unit controls and connections to either, as that would have hampered their usefullness on most trains. As it was, the #35 likely never saw much service beyond switching the McCloud yard, and the #36:1 seldome if ever operated.

The four year old SP #5207, destined to become McCloud River #35, seen here in August 1953 in Santa Ana, California. Jeff Moore collection.

The #35 next to the old car storage building. C.G. Heimerdinger photo, Jeff Moore collection.

The #35 sitting in one of the house tracks next to the shop. Photo from the George Landrock collection.

The #35 coupled to the #33 and #31 in June 1966. Charles Wherry photo.

Another view of the #35 in June 1966. Charles Wherry photo.

The #35 sitting in the McCloud yard. Al Heath photo, used with permission.

The #35 sitting in the McCloud yard in June 1969, awaiting disposition after it was replaced by the arrival of the SD38’s.  Note that the #35, in its brief career on the road, had been painted and numbered but never lettered.

US Steel #39, the former McCloud River #35, at U.S. Steel's Geneva Works in Utah on 4 March 1976. Jim Marcus photo.