McCloud River Railroad
Equipment Roster
Flanger #1773

A partial side view of the #1773 in McCloud in 1964. Jeff Moore collection.

The #1773's flanger blades throwing snow on a railfan excursion on 25 January 1964. Jeff Moore collection.

Another view of the #1773 throwing snow on 25 January 1964. Jeff Moore collection.

This clipping is from issue #309 of the Western Railroader. It shows four of the pieces of equipment donated by the McCloud to the proposed museum. The #1773 is the second car from the left, right behind the giant bucker plow. The third car in line is one of the box plow/flangers that the railroad preferred, and caboose #031 brings up the end of the line. The bucker plow, the #1773, caboose 031 and coach 01 are still in the Railroad Park Resort: a flash flood severely damaged the box plow/flanger many years ago, and its frame is now reportely part of the foundation underneath the kitchen area of the resort. Clipping is from the Glen Comstock collection.

The #1773 as it appears today. Dunsmuir, CA, 6/2004

The other end of the #1773. Dunsmuir, CA, 6/2004

Looking head on at one end of the car. The #1773 has seen it's share of winters and will not survive many more without some help in the near future. Dunsmuir, CA, 6/2004

Detail shot of the flanger blades and mechanism under the car. Dunsmuir, CA, 6/2004.