McCloud River Railroad Company
McCloud Railway Company
Locomotive #1810

Built- 8/1951
c/n- 15691
Horsepower- 1,500

The McCloud shops never did end up doing anything with the #1810, and it spent several years being shoved from one part of the yard to another. Nevada Industrial Switch finally brought a small mechanical crew into McCloud in the summer of 1993, and they actually got it fired up towards the end of the summer shortly before they shipped it out.

The #1810 is is seen here on 1 April 1988 in the scrap yard in Klamath Falls, Oregon, shortly before being sold to the McCloud River. Photo is by and courtesy of Jerry Lamper.

Another photo of the #1810 in Klamath Falls, this one by Lee F. Hower and shot in June 1988.

The #1810 sitting in the McCloud yards in September 1991. Photo is by and courtesy of Jerry Lamper.

One final shot of the #1810 in McCloud, this one by Keith Ardinger and shot on 7 March 1994.

This is a photo of the #1810 as it appeared on the Oregon Pacific Railroad. Photo courtesy of Larry Tuttle.

Another view of the #1810 on the Oregon Pacific Railroad, this one shot on 26 February 2002 by Keith E. Ardinger.

Oregon Pacific painted the #1810 in this scheme immediately prior to shipping it to Archers-Daniel-Midland. Keith E. Ardinger photo, 18 February 2008.

The Oregon Pacific Railroad has a nice page with many more contemporary photos of the #1810 located at this link.