McCloud River Railroad: McCloud Sawmill

Here are some historic photos of the McCloud sawmill.

A view of the original log pond on the south side of McCloud from the Marc Reusser collection. The men on the logs used the long sticks they are holding to move the logs around the pond.

An old circa 1908 colorized postcard of logs being dumped into the the original mill pond. Jeff Moore collection.

A colorized postcard with a 1910 postmark date of a large load of logs at the new mill. Jeff Moore collection.

A full frontal view of the new mill on the face of a 1912 postcard. Jeff Moore collection.

A 1931 postcard of logs being dumped into the pond. Jeff Moore collection.

An overall view of the lumber mill from around 1927 from the collection of Marc Reusser showing the original "new mill" on the right and the second mill to the left.

A colorized postcard of stacked lumber. Despite the caption this appears to be the McCloud drying yards. Jeff Moore collection.

A shot of the slash burner from the Marc Reusser collection.

Pat Driscoll took these photos of the closed planing mill and other factories in the early 1980s.

More past and present photos of the McCloud sawmill can be seen here.