McCloud River Railroad Models:

Miscellaneous Models

This page includes details on a few miscellaneous models painted or lettered for McCloud River that have been produced through the years.

Atlas Evans 53-foot Plug Door Boxcars

In December 2005 Atlas announced a new release of their Evans 53-foot plug door boxcars painted as MR 12100 and 12107. As relayed in the Equipment Roster section of this site the prototypes were from a series of 494 RBL-class 52-foot refrigerator cars owned by Itel Rail, most of which had been leased to other roads and assigned to the Modesto & Empire Traction for packaged food service until the M&ET requested the cars be re-marked to MR. Surviving records suggest no prototype car carried the 12100 number, but there was a MR 12107.

The two Atlas cars together.

A close up view of the MR 12107.

Walthers Gunderson Hi-Cube paper Service 50-foot Boxcars

Around 2010, give or take a few years, Walthers announced a release of Gunderson Hi-Cube 50-foot Paper Service boxcars. Included in the run were three cars painted for the McCloud River, a single car (MR 6000) and a two pack (MR 6003 and 6007). McCloud did roster a fleet of 100 of these cars numbered 6000-6099; however, all indications are the prototype cars were all brown/boxcar red, while Walthers for some reason painted all three of their models a blue.

A photo of the prototype, MR #6082, in the Mt. Shasta yards. Roger Titus photo.

Both cars from the Walthers two-pack.

A closer shot of one of the cars from the two-pack.

The ends of the cars.

N Scale Centerbeams

Two manufacturers have produced centerbeam lumber cars in N-scale. Micro-Trains made a 60-foot, 8-inch centerbeam painted at McCloud River #9149, unfortunately this was a model of a 73-foot car. Red Caboose while still in business made correct versions of the 73-foot cars in single and three-car packs, but they have been unavailable for years. This website does not have photos of either car type.