McCloud River Railroad Company
Locomotive #33

Baldwin RS-12
Built- 1955
c/n- 76105
Horsepower- 1200

The railroad was not sure if it would need one or two locomotives at the time is conducted discussions with Baldwin reguarding power for the new Burney line, and as such under the final arrangements the railroad purchased the #32 outright and leased the #33 from Baldwin at a rental rate of 4% per year of the unit's $130,144 purchase price. McCloud reserved the right to either buy the locomotive at that price or return it to Baldwin by 31 March 1956, depending on actual traffic the new line produced. As things turned out the new line produced more tonnage than anticipated, and McCloud bought the locomotive.

The #33 on its way to be delivered to the McCloud River. Railview photo.

#33 powering one of the Gold Spike specials on 3 July 1955.

A two year old #33 getting some mechanical attention in front of the shop. Jerry Lamper photo.

#33 in the McCloud yards. Photo from the George Landrock collection.

#33 heading up a passenger excursion at Bartle. Photo by Al Heath and is used with permission.

#33 and #32 along with steam locomotive #25 at McCloud on 1 May 1964. Photo is by Ken Douglas and is presented here courtesy of Keith Ardinger.

The #33 in between assignments in the McCloud yard. Evda slide.

The #33 awaiting its next call to duty in 1966. Jeff Moore collection.

The #33 sitting in the dead line in McCloud awaiting disposition after it was replaced by the SD38s. Photo by and courtesy of Dennis Sullivan.

The #33 still wearing full McCloud paint in Fort Bragg on 22 May 1970. Fred Byerly Collection.

The former #33 pulling out of the California Western Railroad's shop building in Fort Bragg. Photo by and courtesy of George Landrock.

Alan Miller caught this view of the former #33 called into service on 17 June 1971 while obviously being prepped for repainting. The former #32 remained in full MR paint on this date. Note the water tank boxes added to the running boards of both locomotives. Jeff Moore collection.

Keith E. Ardinger caught the #56 a month later now wearing a coat of mostly primer. Jeff Moore collection.

By 23 August 1971 the CWR shops had finished repainting the former #33 into the green and yellow paint and were nearly finished repainting the former #32. Gordon Lloyd Jr. photo, Jeff Moore collection.

California Western #56, formerly McCloud River #33, wearing CWR's green and yellow paint scheme while parked next to the road's shop in Fort Bragg.

California Western #56 switching in Fort Bragg around May 1977.

One final view of the California Western #56, this time in Willits on 13 August 1977.

The #33 as it looks today in the Travel Town Museum in Los Angeles , CA .  Photo is by and courtesy of John Stumreiter.