McCloud River Railroad Company
Locomotive #15

Baldwin 2-8-2
Built- 5/1907
c/n- 30851
Drivers- 48"
Cylinders- 20x28
Weight- 179,000 lbs.
Boiler pressure- 180 lbs.
Tractive effort- 35,700 lbs.

The #15 was around seven years old when the McCloud River Lumber Company featured it in one of their advertising postcards.

The #15 posed with caboose #07. Photo courtesy of Heritage Junction Museum of McCloud, Inc.

One more early photo of the #15, this one with a log train on one of the big trestles on Black Fox Mountain.

A pre-1939 shot of the #15 on the McCloud turntable. Note the addition of the superheating and second air pump.

A post-1939 shot of the #15, shortly after the spark arrestor netting had been added. Jeff Moore collection. Added June 2024

The #15 sitting next to the sand house and sanding tower on 30 July 1946, with the roundhouse visible in the background. Bassler photo.

The #15 in Mt. Shasta City on 28 August 1947.

Guy Dunscomb caught the #15 working in the McCloud yards in almost perfect light on 2 September 1947. Note the addition of the powered reverse and that the number on the tender has just been repainted from its short mating to the #26.

Robert Hanft shot this picture of the #15 in McCloud on 21 April 1948.

An undated and uncredited image of the #15 in Pondosa late in its career.

One last shot of the #15 on the McCloud turntable near the very end of its life.

The #15 passing through Pittsburg, California, on 27 December 1949 on its way to scrap.