Along the Line:
Miscellaneous Buildings in McCloud

The McCloud fire house. Pat Driscoll photo, Jeff Moore collection.

A McCloud fire truck next to the fire house. Pat Driscoll photo, Jeff Moore collection.

The operator of this website and his mom on the steps of the Catholic church. Steven D. Moore photo.

U.S. Plywood moved all loggers into McCloud after closing down the log camps. The company built this large truck shop building on the eastern edge of town to house and maintain the log trucks and other vehicles used in the logging operations. The Great Western Railway Museum owned the building and housed parts of its collection in the structure in the 1980s and 1990s. It has been used by a reclaimed wood manufacturer since. Jeff Moore photo.

An early postcard view of a McCloud residential area in the days before paved streets. Jeff Moore collection.

The following links are to historic photographs of McCloud from the Eastman Photo Collection in the Special Collections Department of the University of California Davis Library; used with permission. [PLEASE NOTE: Each link opens in the same browser window as this page. To return here, use your browser's BACK BUTTON.

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