Along the Line:
McCloud Car Storage Building/Paint Shop

On 8 February 1912 the railroad sold to the McCloud River Lumber Company its first roundhouse building located next to the original sawmill on the south side of town for $1,138.66, to be paid in an equivalent value in lumber. The railroad used that lumber to build a two stall car storage building at the lower end of the yard specifically to house its growing fleet of passenger cars. The building, which became generally known as the "paint shop" in later decades, was used by the railroad to store cars and other equipment up until near the present.

An earlu shot of the car storage/paint shop building. The small building to the left is the original scale house. Photograph courtesy of Heritage Junction Museum of McCloud, Inc.

The front of the building in 1959. Photo by Ed Burggraf.

The car storage building in the middle 1980s. Jerry Lamper photo.

The building as it appears today, though its increasingly obscured by trees and other vegetation growing around the structure. Jeff Moore photo.

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