Along the Line:
McCloud Car Shop/Warehouse

In 1905 the McCloud River Railroad built a new car shop building next to the new machine shop just north of McCloud. The new facilities replaced the older car shop next to the original sawmill on the south side of town. The shop built, rebuilt, and maintained the railroad's extensive fleet of railcars up until around the time the new diesel shop opened in 1956. The building then sat mostly vacant until U.S. Plywood added 20,000 square feet of warehouse space to the north end of the structure between 1965 and 1966. The warehouse allowed U.S. Plywood to bring products manufactured at its facilities elsewhere into McCloud, which then allowed them to ship carloads of mixed products to customers. The facilities susequently housed a moulding plant and a regional distribution warehouse handling mostly paper, both of which are profiled in the Customers section of this website.

Photos of the car shop when in use are difficult to come by, as photographers tended to either stay on the front side of the roundhouse or, if they did wander behind that building, focus their cameras on work equipment awaiting a call to duty. Capturing the aftermath of a big snowstorm yielded this view of the car shop filling the middle of the frame, with the front of the car storage building to the left and the lumber storage shed in front of the car shop to the right. Heritage Junction Museum of McCloud, Inc.

The front of the car shop is visible to the left of the roundhouse in this view. Pacific Northwest Virtual Logging Data Center.

Freshly shopped log flat #2671 on the south side of the car shop. T.E. Glover collection.

The south side of the car shop building after its functions had been consolidated into the new diesel shop visible in the background. Of particular note in this photo is the bus garage visible to the right of the building, it seems to have escaped being photographed by much of anyone. Pacific Northwest Virtual Logging Data Center.

The warehouse in the middle 1980s. The former car shop stucture is the red part of the building in the front, while the warehouse addition is the white parts of the building in the rear. Drew Toner photo.

Stored centerbeams against one side of the old car shop building. Jeff Moore.

The former carshop turned warehouse underneath the looming presence of Mt. Shasta. Jeff Moore.

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