McCloud Rails : Passenger Operations: Excursion Photos

Later Shasta Wonderland and Similar Excursions

The 1964 event detailed elsewhere on this page seems to have been the last of the traditional Shasta Wonderland excursions operating over the McCloud River. There were, however, at least two other excursions that used the railroad to get from the GN to the SP, both of which were round trips south from Portland.

- 10-12 October 1968, "Mount Shasta Limited", sponsored by the Vernonia, South Park and Sunset Steam Railroad. This excursion started out of Portland, Oregon, and ran east up the Columbia River Gorge on the Spokane, Portland & Seattle to Wishram, Washington, where it turned south on the Oregon Trunk to Bend, Oregon. The trip then continued south over the Great Northern to Lookout Junction where the McCloud River took over for the run to Mt. Shasta City. The Southern Pacific returned the train to Portland.

- 7 September 1970, an 18-car train from Portland arrived at Lookout Junction. McCloud delivered the train to the SP by all appearances early the following day.

The pictures on this page are all from the 18-car special train of 7 September 1970. We have yet to find any specifics about this trip, other than it arrived in Lookout from Portland and travelled to Mt. Shasta City, and may have spent a night in McCloud. A few minutes of video on YouTube of this train show two SD38s and the #25 led the train at least to Bartle, and McCloud tacked one or both of their passenger flats and a caboose or two onto the end of the train. At Bartle the diesels appear to have moved to the back of the train for the remainder of the trip into McCloud. When leaving town the #25 took two of the passenger cars up to at least the summit and maybe all the way to Mt. Shasta City by itself, closely followed by the two diesels that powered the rest of the train.

The excursion crossing one of the impressive bridges near Madras, Oregon, on its way south to the McCloud River.

In the woods somewhere east of McCloud.

One of the cars in the train was this former Canadian Pacific open observation car, once used in British Columbia.

Photo runby at Nebraska Curve.

Nebraska Curve again.

McCloud's two passenger flats and a caboose passing the photo line at the Nebraska Curve photo runby.

The train underway from a photo stop and heading towards McCloud.

Approaching Pilgrim Creek Road crossing. T.E. Glover collection.

Arriving in McCloud.

One last shot of the train in the yard. T.E. Glover collection.