McCloud Customers
McCloud Gas and Other Petrolium Shippers

The McCloud River Railroad started handling inbound loads of petrolium products, mostly oil fuel, in the early years of the 1900s. The railroad itself consumed a lot of this fuel, much of it delivered to the company's large oil fuel tank built in 1907 on the hill above the roundhouse. In 1924 the railroad built a spur in Mt. Shasta City to serve the Associated Oil Company, and then a few years later Standard Oil Company dealership that had been located in Mt. Shasta City moved its operations to McCloud. The McCloud River Lumber Company also received oil shipments for its uses, both in McCloud and at the log camps. McCloud River Railroad owned a small fleet of tank cars that would make regular round trips to the oil fields outside Bakersfield, California, to bring oil fuel into town until around the late 1930s, after which foriegn road tank cars, mostly leased to the oil companies, handled most shipments. The fuel oil shipments remained a small but important part of the railroad's buisness into the middle 1960s.

Sometime in the late 1960s the McCloud Gas Company built a facility to recieve and store propane along the west side of the McCloud yard. The company installed propane lines around the town and started offering residential and commercial hookups and also proposed propane-fired street lamps be installed around the downtown area. McCloud River Railroad handled a steady strem of inbound propane loads until the operation folded in the middle 1980s. The tanks and the spur built to serve the company have since been removed.


Pat Driscoll took these photos of the McCloud Gas Company facilities on several visits to McCloud in the early to middle 1980s. Jeff Moore collection.