McCloud River Railroad Company
Locomotive #31

Baldwin S-12 Mod
Built- 1953
c/n- 75913
Horsepower- 800

The #31 was an oddball locomotive, built as a S-12 but with a steel box in place instead of a turbocharger. Baldwin designated it as an S-12 MOD, but because it only developed 800 horsepower most rosters have listed it as a S-8. McCloud never did add a turbocharger to the unit over its long career on the road.

This framed builders photo of the #31 hung in the McCloud depot until it burned. Lee F. Hower.

The #31 in the typical service to which the railroad assigned them in their first years, in this case working with the #28 on a log train probably somewhere on the Pondosa line. Travis Berryman collection.

The #31 taking a turn on the Burney switcher. Pacific Northwest Virtual Logging Data Center.

The #31 wearing the later paint scheme. George Landrock collection.

Another shot of the #31 from the George Landrock collection.

Charles Wherry shot this fine broadside view of the #31 in McCloud in June 1966.

The #31 on the service track on 31 March 1969. Lee F. Hower.

The #31 at rest in the McCloud yard in June 1969, between the time it was retired following the arrival of the three SD38s and the time it was sold to Chrome Crankshaft.

Magma Arizona #9, formerly the MR #31, in Superior, Arizona, on 13 March 1970. C.G. Parsons photo.

Magma Arizona #9 in Superior on 14 April 1982. Most non-turbocharged Baldwin locomotives as built had multiple exhaust stacks on the top of the hood. Because Baldwin built the #31 so that it could be equipped with a turbocharger at a later date the unit had the single exhaust stack typical of turbocharged units. After a few years of service in Arizona the MARR removed the single exhaust stack and replaced it with a smaller exhaust stack for each cylinder. This was a common modification to non-turbocharged Baldwin swichers as it reduced back pressure and improved locomotive performance; Baldwin referred to this practice as "hot-rodding". Russell Eslick photo.

The MARR #9 at Superior, AZ in April 1981. The #9 is working with Magma Arizona #8, which was built as Medford Corporation #8 for use on their logging railroad east from Medford, OR. Photo by Bart Barton and is from the collection of the Arizona Railway Museum.

One last photo of the Magma Arizona #9 in Superior, AZ. Photo from the John Barnhill collection.