McCloud River Railroad
July 2022 Visit by Caleb Scott

Caleb Scott traveled from his home in New Zealand to the United States in July 2022. He spent part of a day visiting the current remains of the McCloud Railway.

McCloud plow #1701 on display at the Railroad Park Resort in Dunsmuir.

The shop building.

A doe on the shop lead.

Cars and dense brush on the yard tracks along the east side of the shop.

Equipment in the yard from the scale track.

Jordan spreader #1850.

Caboose #102.

The front of the shop.

The end of caboose #102.

Looking north up the main line to Mt. Shasta City.

Side dump car #1852.

A closer view of the #1852.

Tank car #1713 behind the shop.

Three axle truck from the dinner train car converted to the depot behind the shop.

An open door on the back of the shop yielded a quick view of the #30, #36, and #38 stored inside the building.

The hi-rail crane stored outside the shop.

Standing on the Highway 89 bridge over Lake Britton and looking north at the railroad's bridge over the highway.

The view from the highway bridge looking towards the railroad bridge.

Caleb also visited the former McCloud River #18 on the Virginia & Truckee Railroad in Virginia City, Nevada.

Another view of the #18 inside the Virginia City enginehouse.