McCloud River Lumber Company
Advertising Postcards

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 1914 the McCloud River Lumber Company released a set of at least 40 advertising postcards detailing all aspects of the company's operations. Given the timing, the company likely produced these cards for distribution at the Panama-Pacific Exposition. After several years of searching I have finally acquired originals of all these cards, special thanks to all who had previously sent me scans of cards I had been missing. Taken together, the cards provide a fascinating overview of the company operations at that time.

The back of each postcard.
Card #1: Glimpse of Mt. Shasta and the McCloud River Through the Pines.
Card #2: Sugar Pine Trees in the McCloud Basin.
Card #3: Sugar Pine "Monarchs"- A Sample of McCloud Timber.
Card #4: Typical Stand of White Pine Timber- McCloud Basin.
Card #5: One of Our Logging Camps.
Card #6: Interior of Mess Tent Sometimes Used in Logging Camps.
Card #7: Grading a Logging Spur Through Solid Rock.
Card #8: Logging Spur Construction Crew Ready for the Day’s Work.
Card #9: Track Laying Crew and Outfit on Spur Construction
Card #10. One of Our Large Donkey Engines (Yarder), With Crew and Equipment
Card #11: A Few of Our Donkey Engines Leaving McCloud for the Camps.
Card #12: One of the Locomotives That Haul Our Logs to the Mills- 90-Ton Baldwin.
Card #13: 90-Ton Shay Locomotive- Used for Switching at Log Camps.
Card #14: A White Pine Tree- "Felled," "Bucked," "Rolled" and "Swamped."
Card #15: A Fallen "Monarch"- Sugar Pine Tree "Felled" and "Bucked."
Card #16: Falling a Sugar Pine Tree- Putting in the "Undercut."
Card #17: "Swamping" Roads for the "Big Wheels."
Card #18: "Rolling" or Separating Logs After Being "Bucked" or Cut Into Lengths
Card #19: Hauling a Large White Pine Log to Landing With Big Wheels.
Card #20: Loading Big Wheels With Logs for Transportation to Landing
Card #21: Big Wheels Delivering Loads at Landing- Loading Logs on Cars.
Card #22: Train Load of Sugar Pine Logs.
Card #23: Loading White and Sugar Pine Logs With McGiffert Loader
Card #24: White Pine Log Being Hauled to Landing by Donkey Engine.
Card #25: Loading 32-Foot White Pine Log on Cars With Donkey Engine.
Card #26: Loading Large 16-Foot Sugar Pine Log on Car With Donkey Engine.
Card #27: Train of White and Sugar Pine Logs on the Way to the Mills.
Card #28: "Three Log" Load of Sugar Pine at the Mill Pond
Card #29: Trestle on Logging Spur With Train of Logs Crossing Over. Black Fox Mountain
Card #30: Double Band Saw Mill- Number 1- and Pond.
Card #31: Double Band Saw Mill- Number 2- and Pond.
Card #32 and #33: "Portion of Lumber Yard No. 2- Mill No. 1 and Yard No. 1 in Background" and "Portion of Lumber Yard No. 2". Two card spread.
Card #34: View of Planing Mill, Factories, Lumber Sheds, Etc.
Card #35: Ready for Business After a 98-Inch Snowstorm
Card #36: Snow Plow and Five Locomotives Opening Railroad After Snowstorm.
Card #37: Our Hospital and Chief Surgeon's Residence.
Card #38: A Row of Cottages in McCloud.
Card #39: View of Hotel and Cottages in McCloud.
Card #40: Interior of Reading Room- Employees' Club- McCloud.