McCloud River Railroad : Passenger Operations: Excursion Photos

Steam Locomotive #25:
Trips to Dunsmuir

On 19 June 1982 the #25 travelled to Mt. Shasta City where three SP diesels awaited its arrival. Once there the four locomotives proceeded down the SP mainline to Dunsmuir, where the #25 remained on display during the annual Railroad Days event. The #25 remained there on display for several days before returning to McCloud. Then, on 23 June 1984 the #25 again visited Dunsmuir, this time with the VIP caboose #553 in tow. The purpose of this trip was to meet up with the World's Fair Daylight as it returned to Portland from New Orleans. The #25 waited for the Daylight at the south end of the yard and then paralleled the Southern Pacific #4449 up to the depot. SP then allowed the #25 to follow the Daylight from Dunsmuir to Mt. Shasta under its own power.

#25 on the Southern Pacific mainline between Mt. Shasta City and Dunsmuir. George Landrock.

#25 crossing the Sacramento River at Cantara Loop. George Landrock.

#25 in the Southern Pacific's Dunsmuir yards. George Landrock.

#25 on the turntable in the Dunsmuir yards. George Landrock.

The #39, the #25 and the VIP caboose in Mt. Shasta City approaching the SP interchange. Shannon Smith.

The train started the short trip to Dunsmuir with the SP #4421 coupled behind the #25 and caboose is shown by this Glen Icanberry shot of the train arriving at Azalea. The #4421 apparently ran around the train at either Mott or Azalea sidings.

The #25 with SP #4421 approaching Cantara en route to Dunsmuir.  Photo by and courtesy of Shannon Smith.

The #25 with SP SD-9 #4421 at Cantara Loop on the way to Dunsmuir.  Photo is by and courtesy of Shannon Smith.

The #25 with the VIP Caboose in Dunsmuir waiting for a meet with ex-Southern Pacific #4449 "Daylight" steam locomotive. Shannon Smith.