McCloud River Railroad Company
Locomotive #24

Alco 2-6-2
Built- 9/1925
c/n- 66434
Drivers- 46"
Cylinders- 19x24
Weight- 144,000 lbs.
Boiler pressure- 185 lbs.
Tractive effort- 28,800 lbs.

The order McCloud River placed with American Locomotive Company in 1925 included two larger Prairie-type locomotives, both weighing in at 72 tons as compared to the 66 tons for the #20/#21 and 65 tons for the #22/#23. The #24 and #25 were the largest Prairies McCloud owned and the last new steam power the road would purchase. The pair would spend the bulk of their career leased out to the lumber company for use out of White Horse and then Widow Valley, on the far eastern end of the system. In addition to working the log spurs into the woods they also had to take log loads west over the Great Northern owned trackage to Hambone at least into the back half of the end of the 1940s, which prompted the railroad to add additional fuel tanks to the tenders to increase their range.

Builders photo from a specification card Alco produced featuring the #24.

The back of the specification card.

American Locomotive Company featured the #24 in an advertisement in a timber industry trade publication.  Glen Comstock collection.

The #24 has run into some trouble in the mountains east of White Horse. Photo courtesy of Dennis Sullivan.

The #24 switching in the McCloud yard.

The #24 on the McCloud turntable on 30 May 1941.

The #24 moving logging equipment off a spur in the White Horse country in 1934. Roland Edwards photo, courtesy Marilyn Rountree.

The #24 switching a landing in the White Horse country about 1934. Roland Edwards photo, courtesy Marilyn Rountree.

The #24 in front of the enginehouse in White Horse.

The #24, probably in Hambone. Note the fire pump has been moved from the running board to the tender.

The #24 in Hambone, probably around 1947. Note the log cars on the balloon track visible in the distance on the right side of the frame.

The #24 in Hambone.

The #24 in McCloud in September 1947. Jeff Moore collection.

A color shot of the #24 on the McCloud turntable on 18 July 1953. J.C. Hammond photo, Travis Berryman collection.