McCloud River Railroad
Equipment Roster
Caboose #035/#553

By the time Charles Wherry took this photo of the #035 in June 1966 it has long since been retired from freight duties and had already seen some use on the excursion program. Obviously the bent rear step will need to be corrected before it can be used again; it appears someone grabbed a sign reading MAKE 3 SPOT SCALE TEST ON 1ST & 20TH OF EACH MONTH from the nearby scale house, likely to keep the steps from being used.

Another view of the car by Charles Wherry in June 1966.

Shortly after Charles shot the car the railroad rebuilt it into a VIP/Party car. It became a fixture on many excursions through the rest of the following decades. The railroad initially painted it into this solid orange scheme.

By 1971 the railroad added fancy name boards above the windows and had painted the cupola white. C.G. Heimerdinger photo.

The caboose behind the McCloud depot, probably in the late 1970s. Jeff Moore collection.

A broadside view of the car behind the depot. Jeff Moore collection.

Interior shot of the car. Jeff Moore collection.

Another interior shot, this one looking in fron the other end. Jeff Moore collection.

McCloud, CA, 1981. Photo by Lowell Amrine and is used with permission.

For many years the McCloud River and then McCloud Railway sent the caboose to Dunsmuir in the early summer for display at the Dunsmuir Railroad Days event. It's seen here getting picked up in the Mt. Shasta yards in June 1992 on its way back to McCloud from one such event. Photo by Anna Moore.

This is a photo of the car as it appeared near the end of its time on the railroad. Photo was taken 12 August 2002 and is by and courtesy of Robert Ulberg.