McCloud River Railroad
May 1984 Visit by John Bovis

John Bovis from New Zealand paid the McCloud River Railroad two visits in May 1984, first on the 7th of that month when he shot mostly equipment and then a two-day visit on the 23rd and 24th that resulted in several outstanding action shots of an interesting sequence of train movements. Special thanks to Caleb Scott for sending these slides and gaining John's permission to post them.

7 May 1984

McCloud depot.

Other end of the McCloud depot.

The small crew car that had been on display next to the depot for many years.

VIP caboose #553 behind the depot.

Plow #1767 next to the depot.

Broadside view of plow #1767 next to the depot.

The front of the shop building.

Rear end of the #39 visible through one of the shop doors.

The #39 in the shop.

The #38 getting some significant mechanical attention in the shop.

The #36 parked underneath the sand tower.

Caboose #102.

Bucker/Flanger plows #1751 and #1753.

23 May 1984

The #37 at rest on the shop lead in the early morning light of 23 May 1984.

The #25 in front of the car storage building.

Close up of the #25's running gear.

#25's builders plate.

24 May 1984

Thursday, 24 May 1984, was a busy day of railroading on the McCloud River. The day started with the #39 switching lumber loads brought from Burney on a previous day along the east side of the shop.

The #39 later left for Lookout Junction with four lumber loads in tow.

After following the #39 for a ways John returned to McCloud where he shot Great Western Railway Museum's three NW-2s parked in the yard.

At some point a second crew went on duty, they may have taken more outbound loads to Mt. Shasta City before doing some switching in McCloud. The locomotive is seen here near the old US Plywood truck shop on the eastern edge of town headed for the "run-around" at Ash Creek Junction, while putting together a train for Burney.

Looking west from Bartle.

The #39 returning from Lookout and the #37 headed for Burney met at the Bartle wye. First car in the train is one of Simpson Timber's All Door boxcars headed back to McCloud for another load of redwood lumber trucked over from Simpson's big mill in Korbel, California, traffic the railroad handled in 1983/1984 while the north end of the Northwestern Pacific was shut down.

The #39 switched out a number of Burlington Northern bulkhead flats for the #37 to pick up.

The #37 putting its train together in Bartle after picking up the cars the #39 delivered.

The #37 has just crossed the Highway 89 bridge at Lake Britton.

The #37 on the Lake Britton bridge.

A number of boxcars converted from US Plywood all door cars destined for storage in Burney brought up the rear of the train.

A long line of boxcars rebuilt from all-door cars in the Burney yard.

The Bartle tank as afternoon shadows start to grow long.

The return trip from Burney consisted of an empty boxcar and two lumber loads.





The #39's crew has long since tied up for the day, leaving the locomotive under the sand tower.

After completing its run the #37's crew coupled it to the #39.

A closer view of the two locomotives at rest after the end of another day.

Orton crane #70 spotted in front of the enginehouse.