McCloud River Railroad Company
Locomotive #8

Baldwin 2-6-2
Built- 1/1901
c/n- 18595
Drivers- 44"
Cylinders- 16x24
Weight- 107,000 lbs
Boiler pressure- 160 lbs.
Tractive effort- 19,000 lbs

The relative success of the #4 especially as compared to the failures of both the #2 and #6 apparently convinced the McCloud's management that its future lay in conventional rod driven locomotives, and in later 1900 the railroad ordered three new prairie-type machines similar to but slightly larger than the #4. The #8 led the class of three.

Baldwin's builder photograph of a brand new #8. Jerry Lamper collection.

The #8 is seen here in this colorized post card early in its McCloud career, posed with a log train on the curved trestle at the base of Bartle Hill, about two miles east of Bartle. This trestle was a popular place to photograph the McCloud in action in the early years; this trestle was eventually replaced by a fill. Jeff Moore collection.

The lumber company featured the #8 pulling a log train on one of its advertising postcards issued around 1914. Jeff Moore collection.

The #8 is seen here with a couple of company cars in the snow sometime in the late 1930s. Jeff Moore collection.

Another late 1930s view of the #8, this time in the McCloud yards. T.E. Glover collection.

The #8 shortly after it arrived on the Amador Central but before the new owner relettered it. Jeff Moore collection.

Another photo of Amador Central #7 before being relettered. Jeff Moore collection.

Interesting comparrison view with the above photo of the Amador Central #7 in 1946. Note Amador has replaced the cab and added both a fire pump and a hose reel. Jeff Moore collection.

Another photo of the former #8 as Amador Central #7. Andy Hauck collection.

The #7 shortly after being placed on display in Ione as the "Iron Ivan".

The #7 as it appeared in October 2018.

Builder's plate of the #7 in October 2018.