McCloud River Railroad
Alan Miller Photographs

Alan Miller became fascinated by railroads at an early age thanks to his family home being located across the street from Southern Pacific's Los Angeles to San Francisco main line in Glendale, California. Alan started shooting slides in 1958 and made several trips to McCloud. Some of his best work on the road is displayed below.

On 10 October 1969 Alan stopped into McCloud. The SD38s had shown up about five months before, relegating the Baldwins to the dead line in McCloud.

#29 awaiting its sale to the Magma Arizona Railroad.

Next in line was the #32, owned by Chrome Crankshaft for several months by this point but not yet shipped to the Western Pacific shops in Stockton.

Also present was the #34, sold about five weeks prior to the Oregon & Northwestern but not yet shipped north.

The #36 was on the shop lead with the US Plywood warehouse visible in the background.

On 26 November 1974 Alan returned, this time to chase the three month old #39 returning to McCloud with the then daily freight from Burney.

Crossing the Lake Britton bridge.

A 90-degree turn to the left yielded this view of the #39 crossing a log truck on Highway 89.

The train in the snowy woods somewhere east of McCloud.

#39 passing the log deck in McCloud on its return to town.

One more shot of the #39 arriving back in McCloud.

On 4 March 1975 Alan captured some images of the #36 and #37 going to Burney and back.

The Burney-bound train crossing the Lake Britton bridge.

The train arriving back in McCloud.

Alan also paid several visits to the former McCloud River #32 and #33 at their new home on the California Western in Fort Bragg, California. On 17 June 1971 Alan caught the pair switching in Fort Bragg with CWR's DS-4-4-1000 #53.

California Western #55, formerly MR #32, has received water tanks on the walkways but otherwise still carries full MR paint.

The CWR #56, formerly MR #33, has started getting its paint stripped for repainting into the green and yellow.