McCloud River Railroad
Equipment Roster
Caboose #034

The #034 along with caboose #031, a flat car, and another ex-GN caboose sitting in the upper end of the McCloud yards on 31 August 1957. Photo by and courtesy of Jerry Lamper.

Cabooses #031 (right) and #034 (left) resting next to the shop building in 1959. Photo by and courtesy of Ed Burggraf.

Cabooses #034 next to the shop. Jeff Moore collection.

Two shots of the #034 in the summer of 2004 by and courtesy of Ben Ringnalda.

Two more photos by E.O. Gibson of the #034 at its new home near Black Butte.

Black Butte Center for Railroad Culture has a page for this car set up on their website. Direct link to the page can be found by clicking here.