McCloud River Railroad : Passenger Operations: Excursion Photos

PLA Snow Trip
29 January 1966

As noted elsewhere, the success of the first snow trip in 1964 spawned a large number of repeats. After a relatively dry 1965 event, the 1966 trip occurred in heavy snowfall. The #25 pulled a consist of two of the former Western Pacific outfit cars, four log flats, and three cabooses from McCloud to Pondosa and return. The event proved to be a swan song for the old outfit cars, which were retired and scrapped shortly after this excursion.

The #25 taking water in Bartle on the eastbound journey. John E. Perry photo.

The train as seen from one of the cabooses somewhere on the line..

The trip briefly included one of the larger bucker/flanger plows at one point, as seen in this photo.

The bucker/flanger either being set out or picked up, maybe in Pondosa.

The excursion arriving at the double tanks in Pondosa.

The #25 taking water in Pondosa.

The train rolling past the tanks as it departs Pondosa.

Crossing the Bear Creek bridge.

Passing the chasers at the Bartle crossing.

One last view, taking water at Bartle on the way back towards McCloud.