Along The Line:

Curtis as seen from the rear of an excursion train in 1966. The middle siding has recently been removed at this time. Jeff Moore collection.

Overview of Curtis in 2005. The sidings and set out track lay off to the left. By the 1970s only a couple hundred feet of the first siding remained passable, though rails remained in place for most of the siding. Ties decomposing on the forest floor are all that remain of the other siding and set out track. The section shed lay at the curve at the end of the tangent. Jeff Moore.

#37 and #38 powering a freight returning from Burney past the section shed.

#39 and #37 leading a McCloud bound freight through Curtis about 1990. Note the spur in the shadows on the left. Wayne I. Monger photo.

#37 leads a Burney bound freight into Curtis in June 2001. Travis Berryman photo.