McCloud River Railroad Company
Locomotive #9

Baldwin 2-6-2
Built- 1/1901
c/n- 18596
Drivers- 44"
Cylinders- 16x24
Weight- 107,000 lbs
Boiler pressure- 160 lbs.
Tractive effort- 19,000 lbs

The #9 is seen here early in its career with a log train somewhere east of McCloud. Jeff Moore collection.

The #9 powering a passenger train. Jeff Moore collection.

Like the #4, a number of railfans found the #9 boarded up in the McCloud yards during the three years the locomotive remained in storage. Below are three such images.
No date. Jeff Moore collection.
4 May 1937, immediately before being restored to service. Jeff Moore collection.
Photo is dated 8 May 1939, but is probably also taken in 1937.
One last photo of the #9 shortly before being restored to service.

The #9 sometime after being restored to service. T.E. Glover collection.

The #9 derailed somewhere on the line in the late 1930s. T.E. Glover collection.

The #9 on the Yreka Western on 12 June 1941. E.B. Kille photo, Jeff Moore collection.

Another shot of the #9 at Yreka. Andy Hauck collection.

#9 pulling a freight on the Nex Perce & Idaho. Andy Hauck collection.

Another shot of #9 on the Nex Perce & Idaho. Andy Hauck collection.

The #9 switching the hulk of the locomotive it replaced, the former Northern Pacific 4-4-0 #684. The Northern Pacific had repurchased the #684 for its historic collection, and it survives today in a small museum in West Fargo, North Dakota. Andy Hauck collection.

The #9 loaded up and ready for shipment to Mid-Continental. Andy Hauck collection.

The #9 under steam at the Mid-Continental Railroad Museum. Andy Hauck collection.

The Kettle Moraine returned the #9 to its McCloud River appearance while it operated on that road, as seen in these two 1972 photos. It continues to wear this scheme today.

Ex-McCloud River #9 pulling a Kettle Moraine Scenic Railroad excursion on 6 August 1972. Dick Wallin photo, courtesy of Keith Ardinger.

The #9 in the Age of Steam Roundhouse in Sugar Creek, Ohio, in July 2021. Andy Hauck photo.