McCloud River Railroad
John Monhoff Cab Ride in 1954

On 7 September 1954 the railroad granted John Monhoff a cab ride on a logging train to Ditch Creek. The railroad was then in the process of building the new line to Burney and had pushed the tracks as far as Cayton, and on this day the train delivered empty log flats to the lumber company railroad at Ditch Creek and then continued on to Cayton with a few carloads of supplies before returning to McCloud with log loads from Ditch Creek, delivered on this day by the #22 and #24. On the trip out the train crew operated the train beyond Bartle from the #28 and put John in the #31 with instructions to ring the bell and blow the horn for each crossing. John sent the negatives from this trip, a second batch of images have been added in July 2023. Thanks, John!

The train with the #29 in the lead arriving at Bartle.

The train met the #25 at Bartle, which proceeded east running tender first.

The #25 vanishing into the distance at Bartle.

Passing through the Bartle wye.

The crew turned the locomotives on the wye at Bartle so that the #31 would be in the lead. John spent at least part of the trip riding on the empty log flats.

Lookling back towards the caboose.

John unfortunately lost most of his photograph and negative collection in a fire a few years ago, but a few prints he made for others survived, including this one of the trip somewhere along the line that is now in the Travis Berryman collection.

The view looking back at the train from the #31.

The Red Goose railbus at Curtis, before it moved to Kinyon.

Another look back at the log train.

At Ditch Creek the train met the McCloud River Lumber Company log train coming out of the Clark Creek country powered by the #22 and #24.

The #24 taking on water at the Ditch Creek tank.

A broadside view of the #22 at Ditch Creek.

The #22 during switching maneuvers at Ditch Creek.

#22 and #24 switching empty log flats at Ditch Creek while the diesels wait on the new main line towards Cayton. Once the steam locomotives depart the diesels will spot the log loads back on the lumber company spur for pickup later in the day.

Arriving at Cayton. Of note are the newly acquired Burro crane, the hi-rail station wagon on the main line, and the coach just visible behind the crane. One of the flatcars on scene was one of the former Fruit Growers Supply Company cars used to ship former FGS rails the lumber company acquired that were used on spurs and sidings.

One last shot on the trip back towards Ditch Creek.

The #31 on the roundhouse lead after the train arrived back into McCloud.

A detail shot of the #29's short hood in McCloud.

The #28 in McCloud in the late afternoon light.