McCloud River Lumber Company
McCloud River Railroad Company
Locomotives #101 and #103

Plymouth DLC-2 gas-mechanical switchers
Built- 8/1925 and 12/1927
c/n- 2101 and 2766
Horsepower- 63 horsepower

Like lumber companies almost everywhere, the McCloud River Lumber Company found the small versatile Plymouth gas mechanical switchers ideally suited for many tasks around a logging show, including shop switchers; track construction, maintenance, and removal; and shuttling crews around as needed. The company typically assigned the #101 to Pondosa and the #103 to White Horse, which is why they had the "P" and "W" letters in addition to their numbers. The small machines did not have their own air compressors and as such could not operate train brakes. McCloud River Railroad aquired the pair around 1964 and used them mostly in track maintenance chores.

One of the small Plymouths is seen here on a flatcar in Pondosa. T.E. Glover collection.

The #103 with a track maintenance crew somewhere in the White Horse country. Scott Dowell collection.

A leaky camera marred this otherwise fine view of the Plymouth #103 in Pondosa. Jeff Moore collection.

Plymouths #101 and #103 in McCloud in the early 1980s. Pat Driscoll photo, Jeff Moore collection.

The #101 in Merrill, OR in September 2000. Keith A. Ardinger photograph.

Another shot of Plymouth #101 in Merrill, OR on 3 September 2005. John Barnhill photograph, used with permission.