The 2nd #16 sitting in Pondosa, with the back of the lumber company buildings visible to the left. Photo courtesy of Dennis Sullivan.

The burned remains of the twin water tanks.

The former lumber company offices in town.

A photo of the other hall.

An old shed, moved in by the lumber company to serve as a maintenance building for trucks after Pondosa ceased to be a base for railroad operations.

An old tracked logging arch sitting at the entrance to the old Cheney-Grant sawmill complex.

An overall view of the old Cheney Grant sawmill complex. Sawmilling at this location began in 1930 when Harry Horr relocated his sawmill to here from Cayton Valley. The sawmill was taken over by the Cheney-Grant Lumber Company in the 1940's. The sawmill remained active until 1978 or 1979, when it was purchased by Louisiana Pacific and closed.

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