McCloud River Railroad : Passenger Operations: Excursion Photos

#25 to Burney
Summer 1966

These photos from a single Burney trip in the summer of 1966 are a good example of the excursion program at the time it was really hitting its stride. This was yet another PLA/NorCal party trip, but would be the last one as PLA dropped its sponsorship of the summer trips after this year, though NorCal continued operating them. The railroad was either just about to or just had purchased the two former Southern Pacific coaches featured on this trip, but if they had been purchased the pair had not yet been painted. The only other difference in consist from the 1965 trip was that the railroad used one of the steel cabooses instead of the old #035.

#25 pulling a train through the McCloud yard on 18 June 1966. John E. Perry photo.

The #25 rolling through a recently completed rail replacement project.

The Burney bound train rolling into the Bear Creek loop.

Climbing out of the Bear Creek crossing.

One last shot at Bear Creek.

Lake Britton from the "dark" side of the train.

Lake Britton again, this time from the "bright" side of the train.

Taking water from fire car #1711 at Berry.

Passing through Ditch Creek on the return trip to McCloud.