McCloud River Railroad
Equipment Roster
Caboose #021

Caboose #021 rolling through the McCloud yard. Travis Berryman collection.

#021 bringing up the rear end of a freight at Lookout. T.E. Glover collection.

#021 at the McCloud depot. Jerry Lamper collection.

The following photos of the #021 at the McCloud depot near the end of its career. Pacific Northwest Virtual Logging Data Center.

The news item from Western Railroader #209 announcing the arrival of the former #021 at Emeryville.

I've been involved in a couple conversations in the last decade and a half or so in which people have stated the A&K had two former McCloud cabooses in their Emeryville yard at one time, but I had always somewhat dicounted this because all descriptions of the second car indicated it to be a former SP caboose and until recently I had not seen any indications that the #021 had ever left far northern California. I'd known about the above report of the lumber yard buying a former McCloud caboose, but had always figured it had to be the #023, though I had yet to see any indications of how it got to A&K. Within the last couple weeks I learned of a pair of photos posted to the California State Railroad Museum library database website the clearly show the two cars in the A&K yard at that point to have been the #021 and #023. Please drop me a line if you have any more photos of the #021 in the Emeryville yard, or know when it moved from there back north to Anderson.

Picture of #021 and #023 together

Close up of #021