McCloud River Railroad Company
Locomotive #11

Baldwin 2-6-2
Built- 3/1904
c/n- 23875
Drivers- 44"
Cylinders- 13x22x24
Weight- 147,000 lbs.
Boiler pressure- 200 lbs.
Tractive effort- 21,240 lbs.

The ever expanding nature of the McCloud River operations especially as the loggers worked ever deeper into the forests caused the railroad to return to Baldwin for another prairie type locomotive, the #11. It too was a Vauclain compound, as were the #5 and #6. The #11 was the railroad's pride and joy for at least a few years.

Baldwin's official builders photograph of the #11. Jeff Moore collection.

While purchased primarily to haul freight, that the #11 did haul the passenger train on occassion is confirmed by this photograph. Jeff Moore collection.

An early shot of the #11 in the McCloud sawmill. Jeff Moore collection.

A slightly later shot of the #11, this time near the depot. Note the air reservoir has been replaced and relocated. Photograph courtesy of Heritage Junction Museum of McCloud, Inc.

The #11 with bucker plow #1767 on it's way to plow out the Pit River Railroad somewhere around 1922. Jeff Moore collection.

The #11 is seen here awaiting the cutting torch in the W.S. Zimmerman scrapyard in this undated photo.

One last photo of the #11 awaiting its fate in Portland, this one date 5 September 1937.