McCloud River Railroad
Dumping Ballast in 1960

Sometime towards the later summer of 1960 the McCloud River Railroad operated a work train consisting of one of the Baldwin switchers, caboose #025, and four ballast hoppers leased from the Southern Pacific to dump cinders on a stretch of newly completed track somewhere on the line. The presence of the #025 suggests this work took place in the Burney area, as it was normally assigned to the Burney switcher during this time frame. Leading possibilities are a pair of minor line changes the railroad effected in around this time frame on the older parts of the Burney Extension, one at Curtis and the other at Ditch Creek. This also could be on the logging railroad that extended from Burney west to the top of Hatchet Mountain, the last of which was built around this time. It could also be track repair after a derailment or washout. Unknown photographer, Jeff Moore collection.

Sometime during the trip the work train encountered a downed tree encroaching on the tracks. The crew is seen here preparing to move the parts of the tree out of the way.

One of the trucks of the #025 derailed while removing the tree, and the crew is seen here preparing to rerail it.

Dumping ballast on the stretch of newly completed track.

The train heading for home after emptying the four cars.

One last view of the work train rolling through the woods.