McCloud River Railroad
McCloud Models

A model of McCloud Railway #39 siting on the real #39. This is a photo of "what might have been", as the real #39 did not last long enough on the McCloud Railway to get the new silver and red paint job introduced in 1996. Keith Ardinger photo.

If you have modeled the McCloud, or built models of McCloud equipment, and would like to see them posted here, please e-mail me.

McCloud Inspired Layouts

Lee Christopher's McCloud Railway layout

James McLeod's McCloud River layout

Bud Rogers' White Horse Module

Drew Toner’s Ash Creek Lumber Company:
Page #1
Page #2
Page #3

Ryan Bate's McCloud River in 4 by 8 feet:
The Layout
Motive Power

McCloud Models- Commercial

The pages below contain information on most to all of the commercially produced McCloud models

Athearn's McCloud Railway SD38s

Athearn's McCloud River SD38s

Athearn's Second Run of McCloud River SD38s

Rivarossi Heisler and Log Cars

Rivarossi Heisler and Log Cars- Second Run

Athearn's Wide Vision Cabooses

US Plywood All-Door Cars

Models of Incentive Per Diem Boxcars

Walthers Centerbeam Flatcars

Miscellaneous Models

Golden West Hobbies

Ahnapee & Western Models

McCloud Models- Home Built or Painted

Locomotive models by Michael Kreiser

Locomotive models by Dennis Sullivan

#39 - What Might Have Been

Locomotive model by Cyrus Gillespie