McCloud River Railroad
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Midwest Pacific Rail Net & Logistics

Website for Midwest Pacific Rail Net & Logistics, McCloud Railway's current corporate parent.

Website for the Great Shasta Rail Trail, the new use for the grade east of McCloud.

Website for the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad, owner and operator of the #25.

Website for the Virginia & Truckee Railroad, current operator of the former McCloud River #18.

Official website of the Nevada Commission for the Reconstruction of the V&T Railway, the owner of the former McCloud River #18.

To access the collection click the Eastman Originals Collection link on the left side of the page. On the next page enter "McCloud" in the "Search These Items" box and click the "Go" button. This will bring up the 74 images on four pages that contain the keyword "McCloud". Some are of a community play; others are taken on the McCloud River arm of Shasta Lake. However, most are of either the town of McCloud, the sawmill, or the outlying log camps on Pondosa and White Horse.

This is the Special Collections home page for the California State University-Chico library. Two valuable resources on this page- select either the "Historical Photograph Collection" or "California Historical Topographical Map Collection" out of the menu bar on the right. Entering McCloud in the Photographs section will bring up 48 historic photographs, most of which are in and around the town or the sawmill The Map collection contains a good many historical maps, several of which show the McCloud River Railroad.

A railfan site run by Rob Jacox of Bend, OR. He has a scan of McCloud River Railroad timetable #68 from 1968 posted off of his California page, plus some diesel shots.

This website presents lots of information about visiting Siskiyou county. Included are links to a lot of local business and local Chambers of Commerce. The McCloud Chamber of Commerce page has a well done history page of the town, along with several historic photos of the railroad.

This website is a collaboration of several Siskiyou county museums and historical societies. It includes a lot of timelines and several historical photographs of McCloud River Railroad trains.

This is the on-line photography store of Robert Morris Photography of Dunsmuir, CA. Bob is also the official photographer of the Shasta Sunset Dinner Train, and his work has shown up in just about all of the promotional materials for the company. Lots of photographs of current and recent operations of the railroad. Also a lot of photographs of the Yreka Western Railroad.

Web page of the Mount Shasta Herald newspaper, presenting news based out of Mount Shasta City. Updated with all the local news of the county every Wednesday.

Web page of the Siskiyou Daily News, based out of Yreka. Updated most days.

Mostly photographs of Union Pacific operations in the Mount Shasta area.

Homepage of Siskiyou County government.

This new link is to a site by Craig Bass.  It has some good photos of freight operations in 1996, some detail shots of the Bartle tank, and some photos taken of the Pondosa branch and the Lookout line in April of 2004.

Lots of information on the Green Bay & Western, which was a sister road to the McCloud in the Itel shortline railroad empire.  Doing a search for “McCloud” in the site search function will turn up several pages within the site that present information on Itel boxcars.

Rapidly becoming one of my favorite sites on the internet.  Site is mostly devoted to the Southern Pacific, but check out the Shortlines page for photos of small railroads in California and southern Oregon McCloud River will be one of the railroads featured eventually.

Home page for the Arizona Railway Museum , current owner of former McCloud River diesel #29.  Some photos of that unit on this site.

Web page of Jim Fitzgerald that features a series of photos he took on a chartered photo freight behind the #18 in 2002.

Dan and Rick's Big Adventure- photographing trains through the west in 1997. McCloud photos are in Days 4,5, and 6.

John Barnhill's Foothills Rails page. McCloud roster and some photos can be found on his "Shortline Rosters" page.