McCloud River Railroad : Along the Line

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First a word about how mileposts are numbered on the railroad. The McCloud River Railroad originally established milepost 0 at the western end of the railroad, first at Upton and then Sisson. Mileposts increased sequentially through McCloud to the end of the main track at the original sawmill site at the south end of town. Mileposts then resumed at the junction switch with the Bartle branch at the north end of the McCloud yard. The end result was that all stations east of McCloud lay 1.09 miles closer to McCloud than the original milepost number indicated. When the Burney line opened, the railroad moved Milepost 0 from Mt. Shasta City to the junction switch at the north end of the McCloud yard and adopted a series of prefixes to differentiate the lines. Mileposts on the Mt. Shasta line had M- prefixes; the line from McCloud through Bartle to Hambone did not have prefixes; the Burney line beyond Bartle had B-prefixes; the Scott branch had S- prefixes; and the Pondosa branch has P- prefixes. The Lookout Line beyond Hambone was an exception to this rule, as after the Great Northern purchased the line they established milepost 0 at Lookout Junction and increased numbers westward to Hambone; this line received BH prefixes. Mileposts for all station points are listed; stations with more than one milepost location reflect the numerous line relocations throughout time.

Each segment of the railroad is detailed in the following sections in roughly the chronological order in which they were built. Each section has all recorded station points, many of which have indivudual photo pages about them. Information about structures and facilities at each station are primarily from the 1917 ICC Valuation completed for the road and subsequent property additions and betterments records that are fairly complete up until about 1964. Records are very incomplete for assetts used in the common carrier and abandoned before 1917 or added after roughly 1954. This page also only covers in detail the tracks and properties associated with the common carrier McCloud River Railroad and only references in passing log spurs or other assets of the McCloud River Lumber Company.

Upton/Mt. Shasta City to McCloud

The Ash Creek Branch

The Bartle Branch

Young Spur to Hambone

Great Northern's Hambone Branch

Pondosa Branches

The Burney Extension

Sierra Branch