Unfortunately my experience with Pondosa was only well after it had fallen out of use and was left in the condition you will see here. This once was the focal point for much of the McCloud Lumber Companies operations and home to the Cheney Grant Sawmill. It was also the first permanent lumber camp for the railroad, Lumberjacks would be taken from here to the work sites, never more having to endure the portable camps. As I visited this day there were crews there in the process of tearing it down, so I hungrily snapped pictures to try and record “something” of what once was. I am not sure what all these structures were, so I may have them wrong.

Pondosa Reflected a Change in strategies.  Instead of having lots of little camps, as the railroad progressed from the horse drawn wheel loader, one large camp with a mill was favored

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Maps and Aerial Image: U.S. Geological Survey