Chippy Spur

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Moore and McCloud Rails

How did Chippy spur get it’s name? Well as you might know the word chippy is slang for prostitute or woman of low character and loose morals. This location got it’s name due to the exploits of the orphaned niece of one of the camp’s cooks who was apparently easy to get along with. It appears  she had gotten herself in trouble in the world and this camp cook pleaded with the lumber company for her to stay in the camp with him, as families of married men were being allowed to stay with their families in camps at this point, she was put into a housing unit next to his. Now a lumber camp full of lonely men soon found the pathway to her door. Since the next available such accommodations were far away at Red Cloud. It wasn’t too long before a logger, who had returned to McCloud for medical treatment was found to be stricken with a certain disease. Many more men came down with the inflictions and soon the cook and the niece were invited to leave on the next train, and if they failed to do so….they were promised a long walk. As a logging spur it was one of many, but it has lasted as a passing siding today