McCloud River Railroad History

TheHistory of the McCloud River Railroad and the McCloud River Lumber Company can be easily broken up into the six categories you see below.

Prior to 1896

A Wilderness Awaits: A Resource Is Needed




Steel Over The Mountain: A Railroad Arises




Pine Across The Mountain: A Logging Railroad Lives




Mother McCloud: A Legend Is Born




The Pangs Of War and Burney Birth




Mother Leaves and The Glory Fades



1992- 2009

Redemption…. for a Time




End of the line. The railroad is no more.


Please note this is a work in progress. For a complete history of the McCloud River Railroad (at least up to 1992) may I suggest the book by Robert M Hanft, “Pine Across the Mountain” which while out of print is still available for those who look.


* images from post cards or original media

**Image Courtesy Of The McCloud Heritage Junction Museum Please see interchange page for more info on this.

Other black and white images taken from Post Cards, Viewing Objects and Original Products