1896   -  The History Of The McCloud River Railroad    -  2009

McCloud River Railroad

McCloud River Railroad

McCloud Railway

Number 15 Crossing an Early Trestle**

The History of the McCloud River Railroad and the McCloud River Lumber Company can be easily broken up into the six categories you see below.

Prior to 1896

A Wilderness Awaits: A Resource Is Needed

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Steel Over The Mountain: A Railroad Arises

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Pine Across The Mountain: A Logging Railroad Lives

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Mother McCloud: A Legend Is Born

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The Pangs Of War and Burney Birth

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Mother Leaves and The Glory Fades

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  1992- 2009

Redemption.... for a Time

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Historic Photos from the Heritage Junction Museum

Number 5 With a Load of Sweet Pine **

Band Saw Action **

A Load  of ties ready to leave Pondosa**

A McCloud Railcar

A track gang pulling ties at Ash Creek

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Please note this is a work in progress. For a complete history of the McCloud River Railroad (at least up to 1992) may I suggest the book by Robert M Hanft, "Pine Across the Mountain" which while out of print is still available for those who look.

* images from post cards or original media

**Image Courtesy Of The McCloud Heritage Junction Museum Please see interchange page for more info on this.

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