McCloud River Railroad : Miscellaneous Wrecks

Below are photos of miscellaneous derailments on the road.

Snowplows are about the most likely piece of equipment to hit the ties, and the box plow has done exactly that near Bartle on the return trip to McCloud. Travis Berryman photo.

#38 and #39 and some woodchip hoppers on the ground on the Burney line in October 1988.

Apparently October 1988 was not a good month; #38 and #39 didn't even make it out of the yard.

Several views of a wreck off of Southern Avenue in McCloud around 1957. The McCloud yard is built on a steep grade, and from time to time cars or locomotives ran away down the hill, ending up south of Highway 89. These pictures are of one such wreck.

A tank car shoved off of the rails near the depot on 28 June 1957.